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Consumer cost lookup

Six ways to cut your healthcare costs

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Consumer cost lookupGoing to the hospital can be a frightening experience, getting your healthcare bill a few weeks after you’ve been discharged from the hospital can be another one. Yes, you may have healthcare insurance but between the co-pays, deductibles and everything that is not covered, the actual bill you have to pay may be much more than you anticipated. Fortunately, it does not have to be this way.… Read the rest

Seven easy steps

7 easy steps to choose a Christian debt counselor

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Seven easy steps

Seven easy steps

Debt has become a major issue in the United States in the face of the global recession. And people with overwhelming debts like credit card bills, mortgage loan, and medical bills etc. often have severe problem managing it. If you fail to handle your current financial situation and are intimidated with the thought of the debt collectors then you need help of a debt relief program to solve your debt woes.… Read the rest



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The Children’s Healthcare Crisis Fund Inc. is incorporated as a tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, incorporated as a non-profit in Delaware and is a registered non-profit located in New York. Your donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of law.

Our mission and purpose is as follows:

Consistent with the bylaws of the Children’s Healthcare Crisis Fund Inc., the Organization has been organized to operate exclusively for charitable, benevolent, scientific, literary, cultural and educational purposes, including but not limited to: Increase and advocate access to medical funds and coverage for children who are uninsured and under-insured.… Read the rest

Out of Pocket in Ten Years

Why WE can’t afford healthcare

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During the 1940’s employee insurance became the standard model by which health care clients begin to pay their medical bills. Offering employee health insurance became a primary method of attracting employees in part because it was an inexpensive benefit. Another reason employer’s began offering medical coverage was because during World War II employers were barred from raising wages. Employers needed to attract good employees and offering health coverage was one of these methods.… Read the rest


How politics made the hole in Medicare Part D

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The roots of Medicare’s troubles go back farther than the early 1980’s when changes in payments, classifications of procedures, and integrative approaches on health care insurance side were proposed. Medicare recipients originally have had a fee for service arrangements with doctor’s, hospitals and critical home-infusion care facilities.

Medicare part D is a privatized prescription benefit plan enacted in 2006 whereby the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services contracted out the new prescription drug plan on the basis of cost and coverage to an inordinate number of health insurers.… Read the rest