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Why is your seed not growing?

Fully grown

Fully grown

As Creflo Dollar spoke on the Covenant of Increase, Offense and being offended is an enemy of increase. When you are afflicted do not be offended. Matthew 18:15 “If your brother sins, go and show him his fault in private; if he listens to you, you have won your brother.” -NASB

Here is a synopsis of the above verse by John Wesley:

18:15 But how can we avoid giving offence to some? or being offended at others! Especially suppose they are quite in the wrong? Suppose they commit a known sin? Our Lord here teaches us how: he lays down a sure method of avoiding all offences. Whosoever closely observes this threefold rule, will seldom offend others, and never be offended himself. If any do any thing amiss, of which thou art an eye or ear witness, thus saith the Lord, If thy brother – Any who is a member of the same religious community: Sin against thee, Go and reprove him alone – If it may be in person; if that cannot so well be done, by thy messenger; or in writing. Observe, our Lord gives no liberty to omit this; or to exchange it for either of the following steps. If this do not succeed, Take with thee one or two more – Men whom he esteems or loves, who may then confirm and enforce what thou sayest; and afterward, if need require, bear witness of what was spoken. If even this does not succeed, then, and not before, Tell it to the elders of the Church – Lay the whole matter open before those who watch over yours and his soul.

And here is the link on Biblos: So if your family is having trouble and your heart is troubled, make peace with your brother and with God. Pray for God’s guidance and wisdom. Pray for forgiveness, increase and a healing for you and your children.

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Don’t let anger, fear and the troubles of this world affect your increase, your family and your family’s mental, spiritual and physical health. Make peace with those who have hurt you for we too make mistakes, we too sin against others. Give others grace and you too will get back grace. Remember love covers or hides a great many imperfections in one another.

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