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Generics: places where there cheap!

Yes, our healthcare system is not functioning the way we would like it but then what large system does these days? You kind of have to take what you have and make the best of it right? We need to be proactive and make the crooked roads straight. Now that everything is poking into our wallets and purses for the cash inside, we must fend the bills off- cut them as much as we can. One way we can is with prescriptions medications. With many families losing there health insurance and those still with insurance, their premiums are on the rise, cutting prescription bills can be easier than we think. One way we can cut prescription costs is through generics. I will show you who is offering generics on the cheap and the lists they keep, but before I do a couple of pointers you may not know of:

Endless Paperwork

Endless Paperwork

Pharmaceutical companies spend a lot of money on research to develop new medications, once these medications come to market they must recoup their investment in the development of the drug and add their profit. Now the profit part is debatable, but they do this by sending sales representatives to hospitals, clinics and various doctors. These sales reps bring in samples and offer food, trinkets and provide various educational advice on the medications their company is promoting Gift with a bow, mostly brand name high cost medications. This has the effect of keeping these new brand medications in the doctors mind when he or she writes a prescription for you. It is not collusion, just the way sales works- you see a the same toothpaste commercial on TV long enough you just might pick that brand up without thinking about it at the store next time you go in for milk, bread and soap.

Knowing this when you go to the doctor, bring in your insurances medication formulary. If the doctor prescribes a medication, check the formulary and if its on there okay, then check the tier, if its third tier watch out your going to pay a good sized co-pay. If the medication is brand and it is not on the list, it will be full price. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen someone almost pass-out when they go to the counter at the pharmacy and when they go to cash out find out their prescription costs 300 dollars or more (it was off formulary) the typical response is NO! NO! I have insurance, yes but not for that perception. Embarrassed Unfortunately, this is what it has come to and we must be proactive! If the drug is not on the formulary ask the doctor for an equivalent that is on the formulary, the doctor would be glad to do so because they have to deal with the same insurance issues you do for their practice!

If you go to the pharmacy and your prescription gets filled and they tell you its not covered or is 300 dollars when you know its covered, don’t fight with them- you will lose. Calmly go back home to your computer and go to your insurance website, look for their prescription formulary, you should be able to print it out and bring it to the pharmacy. Once the pharmacist or pharmacy technician reads it they will change their mind and you win again my friend!

Okay, generics: These are the places you can go to find generic plans many pharmacies and food stores have lists of over 300 types. I have the direct links here where available, but being the Internet links are outdated quickly, if a link goes bad just go to the site itself- it will be there somewhere. Also ask your doctor for a generic and if you later find a brand name has a generic tell him to change it, you need to eat as well…


Good Neighbor Pharmacy 30 Day generics

Good Neighbor Pharmacy 90 Day generics

Kmart 5 dollar 10 dollar and 15 dollar generics also over 50 women’s medications for 25

Kroger 4 and 10 dollar generics

Giant Stores 9.99 generics and free antibiotics

Giant Stores list of 14 day free antibiotic prescriptions

Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Finder

Publix offers several generic oral antibiotics which are free, just bring in your prescription and receive a 14 day supply

Rite Aid Rx savings

Shop Right 9.99 90 day generic drug program

Target Generic list actual url sort by alphabetical or by condition 4 and 10 dollar 30 day, 10 and 24 dollar 90 day

Walgreens 9.99 and 12 dollar generic list

Walmart 4 dollar and 10 dollar 30 and 90 day list

Happy hunting and remember why we are doing this next time we have to vote.

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