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Your hospital is closing, why?

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In may of 2009 I wrote a brief article entitled, The Coming Hospital Crisis which can be found here. In that article I wrote about how, in the coming months, hospitals would face significant challenges due to cut’s in Medicare reimbursements and related DRG’s. That article was a foreshadow of the crisis hospitals are now going through across this country.… Read the rest

food stamps

Flashback welfare reform: part 3

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food stamps

food stamps

This is part three of a three part article on welfare reform which occurred in 1996 and will cover some statistics on welfare and if welfare reform worked when AFDC became TANF. Part one can be found here and provides a general overview of policy, how welfare originally worked, the changes made in welfare when it became AFDC and what was not addressed by the change from AFDC to TANF.… Read the rest


Flashback welfare reform: part 2

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This is part two of a three part series on welfare reform and will review the politics involved with 1996 reform of welfare when AFDC became TANF. Part one of the article can be found here and provides a general overview of policy, how welfare originally worked, the changes made in welfare when it became AFDC and what was not addressed by the change from AFDC to TANF. … Read the rest

The Poor in New York 1889

Flashback welfare reform: part 1

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This is a three-part article on welfare reform which occurred in 1996, when AFDC became TANF. This part one of the article, Flashback welfare reform provides a general overview of policy, how welfare originally worked, the changes made in welfare when it became AFDC and what was not addressed by the change from AFDC to TANF. Part two in this series can be found here and will review the politics involved with 1996 reform of welfare and part three found here will cover some statistics on welfare and if welfare reform worked.… Read the rest

A child walks alone

The high cost of child neglect

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A child walks alone

A child walks alone

This article is about foster care, adoption, child abuse, child neglect and all their related demographics. Why is this important to you and me? Well if we know who is in foster care then we can see where more foster parents are needed. If we see how keeping children with their biological parents or by adoption increases the likelihood of those children doing well in society then we can advocate for more adoptions and keeping more children with their birth parents.… Read the rest

National gas tax map

Taxed, taxed to much

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National gas tax map

National gas tax map

Taxes, taxes and more taxes. Ask yourself how many taxes do you think you pay? Can you name them all? Of course some people will say that other countries pay more taxes and live better as a result but are they counting just our payroll taxes when they propose that hypothesis? What if I told you I have counted at least sixty taxes each one of us pays regularly, what would you say?… Read the rest

St/ Johns

Why live in a Retirement Community?

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How to age well is quite the topic these days. One thing that’s often debated is whether one should live in a retirement community or not. This is so much a matter of personal preference. You can be happy and have good experiences anywhere (or not). The main thing is that you keep going and growing. In my coaching practice, I have many people over the age of 60.… Read the rest

Distribution by Sex and Diagnostic

Social Security Disability: Part 2

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In part 1 of Social Security Disability we showed the growing cost of providing disability income over the years, the average amount of disability by type of status, be it worker, widower or dependent and disability income based on age group. In this, part 2 on Social Security Disability we will review the disability income by type, the number of disabled by state, the number of disabled by type of disability and more.… Read the rest

Average Social Security per Type

Social Security Disability: Part 1

Jun 11, 2013 - economy, healthcare - 2 Comments - Standard

There has been a lot of noise about Social Security and Medicare in the last few months. On this site if there is a great deal of discussion about a topic, it involves health, family or finances and it can be studied it will be written about. Social Security disability is one of those topics. In a previous article we covered Medicare, what services cost the most and in what states.… Read the rest

Global Energy Consumption

Finite world resources

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We want a world that is good to us, good for us and our future. We want to live in a world that is at peace and provides for everyone, where we all have a chance to make it and where we can live out our dreams. We want a world that supplies not only what we want, but what our children want and more than we want.… Read the rest

Tax rate by Corporate profits

The Great Corporate Business Tax Conundrum

Jan 27, 2013 - economy, ethics, industry - 2 Comments - Standard

Corporate business tax has recently become one of the most controversial political footballs in the world. In most developed countries, popular pressure is mounting on governments to impose higher and higher taxes on big business in the belief that this sector of the economy is not pulling its weight in the struggle to balance fiscal budgets. At the same time, these governments are struggling to underbid each other when it comes to setting corporate business tax rates because they are desperate to attract new overseas investment and to stop companies from moving to a foreign country where the tax burden is lower.… Read the rest

CBO inhereted federal debt

Another view of tax policy

Dec 19, 2012 - economy, family, politics - 6 Comments - Standard
CBO inhereted federal debt

CBO inhereted federal debt

American tax policy is at a standstill, government budgetary policy has ground to a halt, our ability to control our deficit is inept and our ability to compromise on a reduction in spending is defunct. Right now our government cannot manage our country, but what could the end result be? What could we learn if we step back and look at how another country managed their tax, budget and debt issues?… Read the rest

Your home

Saving your home, on taxes and more

Oct 21, 2012 - economy, family - 2 Comments - Standard

I have been a renter for a long time. I like many in would like more of the American Dream and part of that dream always is owning a home. But since the great housing bubble burst saving for a down payment and then qualifying for a home mortgage is harder than ever. Or what if you own your home and need to save it from foreclosure?… Read the rest

Follow me

Would You Follow You?

Oct 07, 2012 - economy, ethics, industry - 2 Comments - Standard
Follow me

Follow me

People’s reality is governed by time, so therefore the decisions we make are invariably based upon the short-term solution, the quick fix, the instant remedy. But if you are a business owner or leader in today’s economy then those important decisions that are made based upon limited time and vision could come back to bite you further down the line. … Read the rest

Total United States Medicare Costs

Medicare expenditures shown visually

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Healthcare expenditures in the United States have been increasing for years by double digits and although cost increases have slowed, the damage has been done. We hear billions and trillions are being spent on health care, but what do we really know about where all this money is going? How much do we really spend and on what? What type of health care services are we spending all this money on?… Read the rest

Federal Empowerment Zone 1

A policy for healthcare access

Mar 25, 2012 - economy, healthcare, politics, technology - 1 Comments - Standard

Below is a policy proposal I wrote and submitted to the United States Congressional Finance Committee:


Federal Empowerment Zone 1

Federal Empowerment Zone 1


Based on a comparison of discharges for avoidable hospital conditions (AHCs), we find that Paris provides greater access to primary care than Manhattan. Age-adjusted AHC rates are more than 2.5 times as high in Manhattan as in Paris (Gusmano, Rodwin, & Weisz, 2011).… Read the rest

Our broken contract

The broken consumer contract

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Our broken contract

Our broken contract

The contractual business model for consumers is dead. What contract is this? Every agreement you enter as a purchaser of products or a borrower is based upon a contract between you as a consumer and the business who is the owner. Have credit cards? You are in a contract with the lender. Have a car loan? You are in a contract with the loan company.… Read the rest

food insecurity

Hunger -why it exists and how to solve it

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Child hunger

Child hunger

We sit down and eat, we open the refrigerator and have a snack when we want and while we are driving we are never far from a place where we can stop and get a quick bite to eat. Most of us never go very long without a meal, but that is not the case in many parts of the world.… Read the rest