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The Children’s Healthcare Crisis Fund Inc. is incorporated as a tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, incorporated as a non-profit in Delaware and is a registered non-profit located in New York. Our goal is to provide financial support to those families who’s children are in need of health care services, provide your family with the emotional support it needs during troubled times and to pray for you. We advocate for you, your family and the middle class of America. We help you find the resources your family needs to be well and be happy. For more information click the about page, our private policy page and search our index. To contact us click on our about page..

Finance and Industry

Our organization knows how difficult today’s economy can be on you and your family. We understand that various financial pressures are pushing on all sides of our households. We share your concern about the job market, your retirement, your families health care, your children’s health care and your children’s future. From places to find generic medications, to job boards, to reports on why health care costs are so high, we want to help you find the answers you need to help ease the financial burdens you and your family have to face every day. Here on our site you can find some of these resources mentioned above through our tabs on economy and industry. We report on those health care related issues that may affect your family and how our slow economy is pushing many families into poverty. And should you have a question about your health care insurance or on any health care insurance related question use our Health Insurance Support Center. Click on the page or the tab below and submit a ticket. We will help you in any way we can. We at CHCCFINC. want to help you have a happy healthy family.

Taking Proactive Action

Our organization keeps ahead of the latest news that effect you and your family. From Washington, DC to your state and local community we fight for your home and your financial security. We advocate for sound public policy that helps you and your family live well. We advocated for the middle-class of America on issues such as health care, research, jobs, taxes, the cost of living and on a strong child welfare system. We write not only about those topics that make the headlines, but on the news that matters to you and your family. For articles on policy and politics see our tab on politics, to share your voice and opinion please comment on our posts or visit our Facebook site. To view our stream of current news posts on health care and business see our Twitter page or Facebook site and join us in advocating for family’s just like yours.

Your Life and Family

CHCCFINC. was incorporated in 2008 during the worst American economy since the Great Depression. We realized there was a growing gap between what families had and what they needed. We found that the number one cause of poverty in America is due to bankruptcy and the number one cause of bankruptcy in America is due to medical bills. Bankruptcy is the number one cause of divorce in America. When parents are faced with medical bills, they may be able to deal with the stress involved, but when parents are forced to say no to medical procedures that would help their children because of the cost involved they may need more strength than they have on their own to get through it. That is why we pray for you and focus our resources on your family. Children are the future of our society, they need their family, their health and the stable life their parents can provide for them to be everything they can become. If we can stop the medical bills from coming in, even briefly, perhaps a bankruptcy will be prevented and a divorce. If you need a prayer, click on the prayer tab. To see some of our articles on family, click the tab on family.

Your Health and Science

Having good health is an important part of having a happy full life. Having good health care when you or your children need it is critical to staying healthy. We advocate for good sound affordable health care, write about those issues in health care that matter to you and provide the funds you need to bridge the gap between what you and your family needs and what you can provide. No parent should have to decide between next months mortgage payment or paying for a their child’s inpatient hospital deductible. Here at CHCCFINC. your concern is ours. From health care, to the technology that brings innovation to it, to helping you find the resources you need we are there for you and your family. For articles on health care see the health care tab below, for articles on technology see its related tab.

Faith, Hope and Integrity

Faith and hope is important in the healing process. Sometimes the skill of a doctor’s hand is not enough to recover, that is when you need to pray. Good health care, faith and hope together are a powerful combination which can make all the difference in living a strong healthy life. We at CHCCFINC. are here to hold hands with you, pray with you and to help you find the doctors you need to be as healthy as you can be. We advocate not only for having a healthy body, but a healthy mind and a healthy emotional state. Sometimes just knowing that someone is there for you, focusing on your needs can make a difference and that is why we are here. At CHCCFINC. we also concentrate on ethics in health care and ethics in general. We need to be able to trust our doctors and the intentions of those who can help us. That is why we write about strong ethical business practices. For words on Faith, click on the Faith tab and for Ethics click on the ethics tab. If you have any questions please feel free to email us or send us a letter at our address, both of which can be found on our about page.



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